Hyperlapse Pro Key Availability Issues

July 27th, 2017



Recently there have been some unforeseen challenges acquiring a Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro license from the Microsoft Store , so we'd like to provide you with a fully licensed key with our compliments in appreciation of your patience and understanding.

Simply use the "Submit a request" feature at the top of this page to contact us and we'll provide you with a free license key until such time that the issue is resolved at the Microsoft Store.  

After receiving a key, enter the code the next time you launch Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro and you will have access to the full-featured version of the app. Our team will be working to update Hyperlapse Mobile and Hyperlapse Pro in the next few months, with improved performance and additional camera profiles.

Thank you again for using Microsoft Hyperlapse. 


Jeff Greene 
Community Engagement Manager 
Microsoft Pix | Microsoft Hyperlapse

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